There’s so much to consider when moving to another country. It’s much more difficult to move belongings to your new home when they must cross thousands of miles to reach their destination. If you are planning an international move, some basic information is always helpful. Here are five things you should be aware of before you begin this big journey.

Choose Between Air and Ocean

Consider how you want your items shipped. You have the option of shipping your goods by air or ocean. The option you choose will depend on the timeline of when you need those items to arrive and the volume of goods you need shipped.
If you want your belongings to reach their destination by the time you arrive or shortly thereafter, shipping via air transport is probably best. On the other hand, if time is not a priority, or if you have a large volume of items, shipping via ocean is the best way to go. It is slower, but will save you money.

Know What You Can Ship

It’s important to know what you can and cannot ship. For example, you can ship your vehicle, but you must take into account that the process is more detailed that just handing it over to the shipper. Avoid delays by providing proof of ownership. If the vehicle is changing ownership through sale, or another reason, documentation regarding the transfer of ownership may also be required. You should also prepare your vehicle as per the necessary transport requirements. The vehicle should be in working condition. Additionally, for safety concerns, the gas tank should practically be empty of fuel when the vehicle is dropped off. You also have to consider where to store it once the vehicle arrives to the destination until you are able to retrieve it.

Know What is Necessary for Shipping Household Goods

You can ship just about anything from your home, including furniture, artwork, bedding, personal items, the car in your garage, but not the house itself; although in drastic expensive cases, it can be moved. Think about how your household goods should be packed based on type, dimensions, and whether they are fragile and need extra care. Everything should be labeled for safety to avoid the possibility of being damaged during shipping.

Know If You’re Shipping Dangerous Goods

If shipping anything that may be considered dangerous, you need to know the process for transporting these items internationally. For instance, flammable liquids or solids may be considered dangerous as well as gasoline and other items. Shipping dangerous goods is a different process and set of requirements compared to shipping your household items. Contact your shipping company to find out the protocol and required documentation.

Make Sure You Have Enough Insurance

For many, moving internationally is a big deal, especially when shipping your worldly goods to your new residence. Don’t let your efforts go to waste. Make sure you have enough insurance coverage for all of your goods. Adequate insurance coverage is your assurance that something can be replaced, in most cases, if something is damaged or lost during transport. You will need to determine the value of everything you’re sending to ensure you purchase enough coverage.

If you have questions about shipping internationally or need planning help, contact World Cargo. We can make this task easier, less costly, and more efficient. Ready to ship internationally? Click here to request your price quote.