About Us

World Cargo makes the most far away places seem close.

World Cargo offers a wide variety of shipping services to individuals and businesses. By providing the best service in the industry, we’re helping make freight forwarding easy for you, making destinations seem that much closer. World Cargo offers a variety of services to individuals and businesses. Located in the heart of Vancouver, we cover inbound and outbound shipments from the ocean and skies. We’ve been in business for nearly a decade and have more than 35 years of combined shipping experience. With our solutions for all shipping requirements, focus on service and experience, you can rest easy knowing you’re in good hands.

The current owner, Matt Bryson took over ownership in 2008  and has implemented new and improved shipping lanes. In addition to developing World Cargo’s entire Ocean Freight division, Matt continues to develop the businesses focus on small businesses and individuals.

Our method is focused on you – the customer. By asking questions about you and the project at hands, we are able to discover your true needs and match the perfect service.

At World Cargo we are a small yet hard working team that knows when to have fun. Shipping goods all over the world involves a lot of moving pieces and we find our humour and smiles bring our customers a lot of peace of mind.

Our Business

Our airfreight division, located at the Vancouver International Airport, provides fast-paced, cost effective service with a vast network that services virtually all major international airports. We specialize in small to medium sized personal shipments, as well as time sensitive commercial shipments. Airfreight provides shipment arrival times between 1-5 days, which is just as essential for a traveler looking to pick up their extra gear on the go, as it is for a business looking to get their product across the globe to meet a deadline.

World Cargo’s ability to provide this service at an unmatched efficiency and at a cost below that of the industry average gives us the edge in the Vancouver exporting market. We have the infrastructure to get your goods from British Columbia via the Vancouver airport to all major cities on every continent. Our service into Sydney and other Australian cities is unmatched, as is our European coverage including London, Paris, Frankfurt, and Vienna. From snowboards from Whistler, to entire households in Surrey, Richmond or Vancouver, World Cargo’s airfreight division can ship almost anything.

Freight Forwarding

Freight Forwarding is the industries term for what we do at World Cargo. As experienced freight forwarders, we act as our customers shipping agents. Organizing pickups, deliveries and shipments with airlines or ocean freight companies. Ultimately whether you’re importing or exporting, our job is to ensure safe, efficient and cost effective delivery of your goods.

Meet your team

Matt Bryson

Matt Bryson is the owner and president of World Cargo. After working for the business for several years, the opportunity arose to take over full operational control in 2008. He is also acting president of Bryson Investments, which controls multiple real estate developments in Canada and the US. Matt’s primary role at World Cargo is sales, marketing and business development. He uses his forward thinking approach to develop unique business solutions and strong professional standards.

Thais Soares
Director of Operations

Thais is the brains making the whole machine run smoothly. Want to know how to get your goods where they’re going fastest? Safest? Cheapest? Thais is the one!  Navigating the complexities of plans, routes, tariffs, and international regulations is her specialty, and she’s always up for answering your toughest questions.

Kally Wexler
Shipping and Receiving

The magic of efficient shipping is great storage and packing. Leave it to our crew to keep your goods organized, safe and securely packaged for shipping.

Vickie Hon
Office Administrator

Rain or shine, our Office Administrator Vickie will be there to greet you with a hot cup of coffee and start you on your shipping experience with professionalism, caring and exceptional attention to detail. When you’re getting started working with World Cargo, you can count on Vickie to take care of you!

Life at World Cargo