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At World Cargo, located in Vancouver, BC, we want to be your preferred shipping partner. Our international shipping services offer comprehensive coverage of Europe, including all major airports and ports. Europe may be the world’s second-smallest continent, but has the second largest population. There’s something for everyone here, with over 40 different countries. The majority of the continent’s population lives in the numerous metropolitan centers and many enjoy a high standard of living due to the region’s abundant natural resources, successful agriculture, and modern industries.

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amazing shot of a castle in the mountains somewhere in germany


Germans are the second biggest beer consumers in the world after the Czechs! There are 1,300 breweries in Germany with over 5,000 different varieties of beer, in Bavaria, beer is considered food! This Western European country is filled with vast forests, rivers, and mountain ranges – along with 2 millennia of history! The capital, Berlin, boasts a thriving art and nightlife scene and many historical markers from WWII. Munich is well known for Oktoberfest and its cavernous beer halls – including 16th century Hofbräuhaus! Get your free shipping quote to Germany here.

skyline shot of finland market


Finland is in Northern Europe and borders both Sweden and Russia. It’s the most sparsely populated country in the entire European Union, with only 16 inhabitants per km2.  Finland holds both the world record for number of lakes (187,888) and islands (179,584) within the territory of the country. It’s home to the 18th century fortress, Suomenlinna, as well as the Seurasaari open-air museum and a neoclassical cathedral. You can see the Northern lights from the Arctic Lapland province, as well as catch some of the world’s best skiing. Discover what’s involved in shipping to Finland.

coastal shot of spain, near madrid


Spain is really 17 autonomous regions – each having its own geography and culture. Madrid, the nation’s capital, features the Royal Palace as well as the Prado museum. Head north to Segovia to see a fairy-tale medieval castle and a beautiful Roman aqueduct. Get a quote on shipping your goods to Spain here!

Other Shipping Destinations in Europe

Don’t see the location you’re looking for? Do not worry, World Cargo ship’s to every airport and port throughout Europe. Other popular locations include: Belgium, The Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Portugal, Denmark and even Poland! Have questions about a more rural location? Contact Us and get your questions answered!

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Important details to consider when shipping to Europe

Each of the countries/states within the European Union have their own unique shipping systems and guidelines. At World Cargo we work with those issues every day and we look after all those complications for you. Europe has never been so close and shipping has never been so effortless. After 35 years in business we are experts at exporting. We can advise you on the best type of shipping (air or sea). We will ensure your shipment is packed perfectly. Here are the things we need you to focus on:

  • Communicate with your shipping partner exactly what your needs are. Your freight forwarding specialist wants the best possible outcome for you and will work to save money and ship your goods safely.
  • Make a complete list of everything being shipped to Europe. This will save time and ensure there are no surprises.
  • Get a free quote online. Be an informed customer.