Scenario: You have products that need to be shipped to a customer or retailer in another country. You’ve been given the task of setting up the shipment while staying on budget. Which shipping method will you choose, ocean or air? Both are viable options for certain types of items, but choosing the wrong method will put you over budget or you may lose a customer due to a lengthy shipping time.

Three Factors to Choosing the Right Shipping Method

There are three factors to consider when choosing the best shipping method. First, consider what you are shipping, and its dimensions.
For items that are heavier than 200kg or a large volume, ocean shipping is the most cost-effective, allowing you to ship more at a lower rate.
The second consideration is how fast it needs to arrive to the destination. If time is a factor, air shipping is the way to go. Packages shipped via air usually arrive within 2 to 14 days. On the other hand, packages shipped via ocean shipping take approximately 35 to 70 days to arrive.
The third consideration is determining your shipping budget. If cost is not an issue, air shipping may be your best option. However, the budget-conscious will find ocean shipping to be more cost effective.

Know What You Need

Consider the above factors and determine which shipping method is best as packing procedures will vary based on the chosen shipping method.
If you have the option of either ocean or air shipping, the choice will come down to two things. How fast your shipment needs to arrive to its destination and the volume of your shipment. Follow this simple guideline:

  • Air – shipments less than 200kg for the fastest and least expensive option
  • Air – shipments heavier than 200kg that need to arrive quickly with no budget limits
  • Ocean – budget restrictions
  • Ocean – high volume shipments with no strict deadline

If you are unsure of the best way to ship your items, contact a shipping company to help you make the right cost and time saving decisions.