Ocean shipping has several advantages for companies looking to ship products to distant locations and save money. However, this method is not a fast shipping option and is best reserved for items that do not require an arrival deadline. Ocean shipping is ideal for heavy items that would be extremely expensive to ship by any other method. When considering ocean shipping for your business, you should have a basic understanding of how it works.

The Process

The first step with any shipping method is how the items will be packed. For ocean shipping, you want to ensure all items are securely packed so they do not move or incur damage when being handled.
The next step is transporting the packed items to the terminal for shipping, which is your responsibility. If you do not have the equipment or means to do it yourself, you will have to pay to have it transported to the terminal. Once it arrives at the shipyard, the packed items will be placed on a pallet, in a crate, and secured for the voyage.
You will need to complete and submit the required shipment documentation, which will finalize the dimensional weight and timelines. It may also serve as a bill of lading.
The container must be transported to the shipping yard and transferred to the ship.

Timelines and Delays

Shipping procedures before the package leaves the dock can take approximately 7 to 10 days before departure. During this time, the container will be loaded on to the ship.
Once the container is on board and the ship leaves the port, it can take an average of 30 to 60 days on the sea before arriving to the destination port. During this time, unforeseen delays may occur due to weather or ship mechanical problems, thereby delaying the destination arrival time. Once the container has arrived and is on land, it will be transported as quickly as possible via truck, excluding any unexpected delays.
Be aware that it is common for shipments to be held in customs for inspection, which can further delay the arrival time to its final destination. The total time of transport from the shipment being booked to reaching its final destination is approximately 40 to 75 days.

Cost of Average Shipping

Ocean shipping is the cheapest method of sending packages and items. Therefore, cost will be minimal compared to other options. However, it is not ideal for shipping time sensitive or small items.
Pricing is usually based on container size with available options including 20-ft, 40-ft, and 45-ft shipping containers. Container pricing does not include the costs of loading and unloading, packing, and other expenses that total cost of shipping.
Ocean shipping is the ideal low-cost shipping alternative for large and heavy items with no arrival time restrictions. You can get a quote for your specific needs here.