When shipping an item or multiple items across the country or the world, one of your primary concerns will be safe arrival. Part of that process depends on you and how you pack your item. Here are the top five things to consider when preparing your shipment for its journey.

1. Shipping Across the Globe

You’re shipping your package around the world. Your first priority should be to pack it well and insulate it from the stresses of shipping. If you’re shipping it via ocean freight, everything that goes this route must be either crated or palletted. It may be shipped separately in a private space or shared space in the container. Protect it from the voyage itself and other packages by making sure it is well-insulated.

2. Pack for a Bumpy Ride

Regardless of how you decide to ship your package, it’s going to have a bumpy ride. If it goes by the ocean, there will be waves that toss crates and shipping containers around. Even though they are strapped down and secured, the packages inside may be bounced around. Fragile items can break while other products may be damaged in other ways.
With ground shipping, you have to deal with rough roads, rocks, cracked pavement and other issues. Packages have the same problem as with ocean travel if they are not packaged adequately. When traveling by air, turbulence can cause issues for packages. No matter how you choose to send your package, you must ensure it is secured and insulated for the journey.

3. Provide Documentation

To ensure your package arrives safely and to the right destination, you must document it correctly. You will need shipping labels with both forwarding and return addresses in case of a lost shipment or other problems. You will need to provide accurate information for the weight and dimensions of the package. You should also request tracking information so you know when your package arrives.

4. Prepare for the Worst

There are a lot of packages in transit at any one time, regardless of which shipping method you choose. Even in the best of situations, accidents can happen. You should work to ensure your package is packed safely and all important documents are provided to make the process as easy for the handlers of the shipments as possible.
Think about drop-off and pick-up times. If you pick up early or late, you’re likely to encounter additional fees. You may also find storage fees to be cheaper at the departure location than what they would be at the arrival destination.

5. Consider What’s Being Packed

You must think about what you’re packing and how it will best travel. A car will probably need ocean shipping while personal items or household goods may move faster with air or ground shipping.

Finally, it is important to take special care when shipping dangerous goods. You can find a list of what cannot be shipped as cargo here, and more information on shipping dangerous goods here.