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Transit depends on distance. Typical transit time is 10 to 14 days. Please note that all shipping times are estimates.The weather, traffic conditions, and border delays may affect these estimates. We normally require at least a 2 to 3 business day window to pick up the vehicle.

In most cases, your vehicle will be transported on a 10 or 11 Auto Transporter, like the ones you see transporting new cars. These trucks are 80 feet long (that is 20 feet longer than a conventional freight truck or moving van), weigh close to 80,000 lbs fully loaded and are almost 14 feet high. They are, therefore, very hard to maneuver and are restricted to main roads that do not have any overhanging trees or low clearance bridges. Please bear this in mind when directing trucks to your home. Our door-to-door service is contingent on the truck’s accessibility to the pick-up or drop off point.

The driver will get as close to your door as physically possible while considering the driver’s safety and the safety of the vehicles on the auto transporter. If it is determined that the driver cannot safely load or unload at your door, please direct the driver to the nearest safe loading zone (i.e. a grocery store parking lot or any other location that is large enough and is accessible).

Once you sign your shipping order and submit your paper work, the transporter of your vehicle will be scheduled according to the dates on your shipping order. After the truck has been assigned, you will get a call from the driver or pick up service to schedule a time and date. When the driver picks up your vehicle he will do a detailed inspection of your vehicle on the bill of lading. You both will sign it and you will receive a copy. A bill of lading will be present on delivery so you can re-inspect the car. The driver will again call you in advance to schedule an approximate time for delivery. Do not take time off work until the driver contacts you. It is very unlikely that your car will be damaged. If damage should occur, please be sure to note it on the bill of lading and have the driver sign it. Claims cannot be processed if the damage is not noted at the time of delivery.

No, you may not ship any personal items with the vehicle other than the spare tire and the jack.

We accept personal cheques, certified cheques, money orders and all major credit cards. We have a dual price structure. A discount is offered for payment by cash, certified cheque or wire transfer.

Ensure there is a minimum of a ¼ tank of gas in the gas tank. Check the braking systems of the vehicle (foot brakes and e-brakes). Both need to be in working order. If the e-brake is not working, advise your booking agent so your shipment can be re-quoted as a non-running vehicle. Hand the vehicle key to the driver and courier any spare sets of keys, manuals to the destination.