Top Tips for International Car Shipping

Your car was designed to give you an enjoyable ride on the road, but sometimes there’s good reason to take it overseas. If you are moving, selling your vehicle, or sending your lovingly restored collectible to be displayed at an international automobile show, you’ll need a car shipping company that can deliver it safely and hassle-free. World Cargo has the resources and experience to ship your car from Vancouver to global destinations including Australia, the United Kingdom and Saudi Arabia.

Safe and Secure Shipping for Your Vehicle

World Cargo will help you take care of all necessary documentation and adhere to international shipping rules and regulations, no matter how your vehicle is shipped. In most cases, your car is shipped via a 20’ closed cargo container, offering superior protection throughout the shipping process. Larger or multiple vehicles may be shipped in a 40’ closed cargo container or, in some cases, using a Roll On/Roll Off service. We’ll help you to determine the shipping method that is most secure and economical for you and your vehicles. Furthermore, we’ll take good care of your car from pick-up all the way to drop-off at the final destination of your choosing.

Preparing Your Vehicle for International Car Shipping

  • Wash your car thoroughly. Washing your car clearly reveals the condition of the car, allowing both you and the freight forwarder to take an accurate accounting of any damage.
  • Document the vehicle’s condition. Note and dings, dents, scratches and other cosmetic issues already existing on the vehicle. Take photographs of all areas of the car, with close-up images of damaged areas.
  • Remove loose and custom items. Remove loose and custom items on the inside and the outside of the vehicle, such as luggage or bicycle racks, spoilers, removable stereos and GPS systems and other valuable after-market additions that are not associated with the mechanical operation of the car.
  • You can pack your vehicle with personal items if you are sending your vehicle in a Shipping container. However, it will need to be driven in and out so please be sure to keep the all windows and mirrors accessible. We will also require braking systems and or Manuel shifters clear of obstructions.
  • Remove toll tags and passes. You may incur charges during the transport of your vehicle if toll devices are kept inside, so it is best to deactivate and/or remove this equipment.
  • Make sure battery is fully charged.
  • Disable alarm/security systems.
  • Make sure tires are fully inflated.
  • Reduce fuel level to 1/8 of a tank. Carriers limit the amount of fuel permitted in the vehicle for safety reasons.
  • Document mechanical problems. If there are any special instructions required to operate the vehicle, be sure to provide them to the shipping company.
  • Resolve or report leaks. Leaks can cause damage to your car or to other vehicles if it is in a shared container, so be sure to fix any leaks or advise the shipping company so the automobile can be stored properly.
  • Secure convertible tops. Make sure convertible tops are in good repair and secure them as tightly as possible to avoid issues if there are climate changes or other extreme environmental conditions during shipping.
  • Prepare vehicle for the climate at the destination. To ensure your vehicle remains in its best operating condition, your car should be prepared with engine oil, coolant and other fluids appropriate for its destination.

By following these tips and talking to the experts in car shipping at World Cargo, you will be assured a safer and smoother experience from door-to-door. You should also speak to your automobile insurance agency as well as a World Cargo representative to discuss make sure that you have the right coverage to protect this valuable investment. Ready to ship? Contact us at 1-877-232-0204 with your questions, or complete our online quote form to get started!