Are you planning an exciting motorcycle adventure in a foreign country, selling a collector vehicle internationally or maybe moving overseas? This article explores some of the things you need to know about as you arrange for international shipping. 

We want you to be informed so you are aware of all the costs involved in international shipping. Most of us have an awareness that there are going to be hidden costs waiting to catch us by surprise….don’t be that person! Before you ship, know what’s involved. Plan and research ahead of time.

You’ve hired your shipping company, we hope it’s GoWorldCargo…..and as a consumer it’s up to you to understand the issues that are out of the shippers scope or control. When your shipment crosses an international border you have set a series of events into action. You could be waylaid by costs such as:

Duties and tariffs

  • Inspection fees
  • Documentation processing costs
  • Sales taxes
  • Bond costs
  • Charges assessed by a customs broker
  • Storage fees
  • Customs exam
  • Port fees
  • Insurance

Set yourself up for success  by planning ahead.

Make sure all your paperwork is complete and accessible.

  • Do you need permits for what you are shipping?
  • List the value of your goods accurately, a mistake in this regard can be costly and time consuming.
  • Where are you shipping to? Different countries may have different layers of duty, taxes or regulations. Do some specific searches relating to your destination.

Examples of things you might learn when researching international shipping

  1. Check out the government websites for the country you are shipping to. You might search for their Temporary Import requirements for vehicles or motorcycles. For example, riding through the USA on your own bike will mean you need to apply for EPA Exemption for your motorcycle a month before you arrive.
  2.  Some countries have physical restrictions too, for example both Australia and New Zealand require all vehicles (and         items left with the vehicles) to be spotlessly clean. If any dirt, grime or evidence of flora/fauna is found on your motorcycle you can expect a very sizable fumigation and examination bill!

Your shipping company will work with you to establish freight charges, they can advise you on arrival charges, but ultimately this falls on the owner of the cargo being shipped. Be an informed consumer and know what happens on arrival. Those charges can sometimes be very high and there are things you may be able to do to reduce costs and time spent processing. Your shipping partner will do everything they can to make your goods arrive safely, it’s up to you to be aware of what happens on arrival….know what to expect. Your entire experience will be faster and easier if you do the research ahead.