We take pride in our customer service which is why our personal effects shipments are a big part of our business. In many cases this may be your first time sending your goods Via Airfreight or Ocean Freight Cargo. Dont worry, it is easier than you think.

First things first. Lets establish where you will be sending your goods. We will require the total weights and dimensions of all piece’s you will be sending. We accept boxes, travel bags, totes, and any thing else that won’t break open when you lift them. They can be approximate as this will be the basis of only your starting price. A price per Kilogram “KG” for Airfreight or Cubic Mete “CBM” for Ocean Freight and both for Road Freight. Contact us with your details and we will be happy to help.

After you have your Quote you are able to drop by our office. Located here. Or arrange a pick-up with us. Drop off is Free, Pick-up is an additional cost.

Before your goods can be sent a few forms will need to be filled out. These forms are required for your goods to leave the country and also to gain access to the destination country. You will be provided these forms once you confirm a pick-up or you can simply fill them out here when you arrive to drop your goods off.

You are able to have anyone you nominate pick your goods up at your desired destination. Family members, friends ext. We will need there contact information including passport number or Drivers License number.

After we have your goods and we have established an arrival date you will be given a set of documents that will allow you to track your shipment online. We have storage facilities here so we are able to have your goods arrive at your desired location at your desired date.

The arrival of your goods – In most cases we will only be sending your goods up to the arrival port. This is our Door to Port or Port to Port service. This service is a cost effective way to receive your goods without having to use a local broker, saving you money. You will be notified by the local Terminal Handling agent when your goods have arrived. You will need to pick-up your Original Documents from here and go to Customs.

Customs Clearance – Once you receive the documents from the terminal handing agent, you will have to go to the customs office with these documents to clear your shipment. They will ask a few questions then stamp that they are customs cleared. It is the sole responsibility of the Shipper and or consignee to Customs Clear and pick-up your goods.

Terminal Release – Once your original documents have been stamped by customs you will go back to the Terminal where your goods are being held and have your shipment released.

There will also be additional fees at the Terminal arrival port. These charges are due upon arrival and are collect to the consignee. World Cargo is not responsible for these Fees. Based on your shipping details we can advise you an approximate estimate. Once you establish the pick-up location for your goods the local representative will be able to walk you through the pickup and clearing process. They can also provide these services on your behalf if requested.

Now relax, you’re done!