International Shipping Arrival Costs – Know Before you Go

Compliance at the border just makes life easier. Understanding international shipping arrival costs will ensure a smooth experience. Make sure you know before you go. In this month’s article let’s discuss the tips and tricks to prepare you for when it’s time to pick up your goods.

There are different ways to ship your property and a myriad of different destinations to ship them to. Sometimes your destination will help determine if you are shipping via air, ocean or ground, but setting aside tax and duty related charges, each destination will have different protocols for arrivals. As the owner of the property… need to know this. Your shipping company will get you where you want to be, on arrival it is in your best interest to know the specifics of your unique destination.

As your shipping company we are aware that arrival procedures and costs are inevitable and we will share all the info we have with you. However, each country has a different set of laws/rules for different types of goods. We will not be there with you on arrival so it is important you do your homework.

Use google searches to check the rules and regulations of your destination. Be specific if you are shipping a car, personal goods, motorcycle or something else. Do not assume anything. One country will look at a packing box that says “BC Tree Fruits” and suspect contamination, while another country won’t be concerned with that. Be an informed consumer. It will save you time with a smooth arrival experience and it may save you $$$.

A few simple pointers that take time at the beginning but pay off with efficiency are:

  • Package belongings in containers designed for the purpose. Don’t reuse old boxes or containers that could be contaminated. 
  • Accurately document the contents of each box. This declaration is integral to your success on arrival.
  • Do not try to transport dangerous goods. Whether you are shipping a vehicle or personal goods, read up on the rules for your destination. This information is often found on the country’s website.
  • Keep your paperwork organized and available. You will need it, perhaps more than once.
  • If you are shipping a vehicle you may need import documents. You cannot use the vehicle to transport anything else. No boxes or belongings in the car. Make sure it is spotlessly clean. At the port of entry they will look for contaminants. Know how much fuel you are allowed to keep in the vehicle. Often it is only ¼ of a tank.
  • Fees you may encounter with any shipment are: 
    1. Customs Agent
    2. Customs Duty
    3. Sales tax, processing fees, and other additional charges may apply
  • Some countries have a relatively simple process for receiving personal goods, while others are more complex. Google is your best friend to determine this. Also, ensure you are looking at up to date information.
  • If you are unable to pick up your shipment when it arrives you should factor in the cost of storage.

Do Your Research and Be Prepared

At World Cargo, our commitment is to transport your goods to where they need to go and get them there in the condition we received them in. You be will advised on issues concerning international shipping arrival costs, but ultimately our best advice is for you to be an informed consumer. Know all the details you will encounter at your unique destination. We do not want to have done a great job for you and then find you were disappointed with results on arrival. 

We are happy to talk to you about your unique needs. Message us here for more information.