Do you need a Freight Forwarder to ship your personal belongings internationally?

Shipping by Ocean Freight

A Freight Fowarder will help you get your items where they need to be.

You will need to work with a freight forwarder if you are sending your belongings out of the country. Whether you are moving or travelling the World Cargo team are experts in international shipping and here to advise you and ensure your personal effects are properly prepped for a safe arrival. We can make this really easy for you.

Before we get into packing we need to discuss where your freight forwarder is shipping to. Once that is known the weight and size of your shipment will help to determine the best method of shipping. Price is determined as follows:

  • Per Kilogram for Air Freight
  • Cubic Metre for Ocean Freight 
  • Per Kilogram and Cubic Metre for Road Freight

Shipping By Air

If time matters your Freight Forwarder may recommend air freight.

Packing Tips – From Your Freight Forwarder

Next we will talk about what you are using to pack belongings. It’s important that boxes, travel bags, totes, etc are solid and will not break open in transit or during handling. For more moving hacks please check out our article on Packing Tips. It is important to pay attention to this step, whether you are using international shipping for ocean freight, air freight items shift in transit. Packing properly and securely matters.


Packing belongings securely.

Packing materials matter when it comes to securing your belongings.

Now that you have your quote, it’s time to decide if you are dropping off at our Office or arranging for us to pick up. There is an additional charge for us to pick up. We will also need to run through arrangements and forms that your destination requires. If convenient, you can do that when you drop off your shipment at our office. In order to be well informed we recommend you also read this article The Hidden Costs of International Shipping.

Now Let’s Talk About Arrival

We’re good to go now. Your arrival date is set. You will be able to track your goods when they are enroute and you will have nominated someone to pick up your shipment. We will need to provide their contact information for pick up. Here are some things to know about what happens on arrival:

  • The arrival of your goods – In most cases we will be sending your goods up to the arrival port. This is our Door to Port or Port to Port service. It is a cost effective way to receive your goods without having to use a local broker, saving you money. You will be notified by the local Terminal Handling agent when your goods have arrived. You will need to pick-up your original documents from here and go to Customs.
  • Customs Clearance – Once you receive the documents from the terminal handling agent, you will take this paperwork to the customs office to clear your shipment. They will ask a few questions then stamp that they are customs cleared. It is the sole responsibility of the shipper and or consignee to Customs Clear and pick-up your goods.
  • Terminal Release – Once your original documents have been stamped by customs you will go back to the Terminal where your goods are being held and have your shipment released.
  • Arrival Fees – There will also be additional fees at the Terminal arrival port. These charges are due upon arrival. World Cargo is not responsible for these Fees. Based on your shipping details we can advise you an approximate estimate. 


As you can see, on arrival there are some protocols to go through. Our job is to ensure you are prepared for the red tape and the steps you will have to take. While this part of your process is out of our scope, we do not want you to have any surprises. 

When you entrust your shipment to World Cargo you are choosing experts in international freight forwarding, it is our job to make this process as simple and straightforward as possible. We want you to feel confident enough to relax in the knowledge that your property is well taken care of. As an expert freight fowarder we’ve got you covered.
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