Shipping classic cars requires attention to detail. Photo Credit to Neil Kelly

Are you looking for classic cars? Do you love your muscle car and want to travel with it? Or maybe you own someone else’s dream car but they are on the other side of the world? We can help. International shipping is your friend…..remember who to contact when it’s time for wish come truing.

Traveling, Moving, Buying or Selling?

You might want to have a great adventure touring abroad in your vintage car or classic car. Perhaps you are moving internationally and want to ship your hot rod with your personal goods. Is your old car for sale and someone in Europe or South America interested? We can help with that too.

Imagine cruising through Europe in your muscel car! Photo Credit to Adrian Dorobantu

At World Cargo we have a global network of destinations, expertise and mad skills at protecting your valuables. We can get your classic car where you want it to go. Is it Germany, Africa or Australia, somewhere else? We offer a Free Quote so you can explore what’s possible when you deal with the World Cargo team.

Imagine this vintage car fully restored. Photo Credit Mike at Pexels

A Work in Progress or Ready for the Road? Classic cars are our passion too.

If you have poured your heart and soul into restoring an old or vintage car you will only ever want it handled with great care. Your peace of mind matters. There are a few things to think about when you are considering international car shipping for classic cars.

  • Is your Classic Car in running condition or is it being restored? This is a conversation to have with your shipping partner. Where you are in the spectrum of “being restored to running condition” will influence how arrangements are made.
  • What shipping method do you prefer? Will your car be exposed to the elements or protected in a container? If it’s exposed to weather it may end up too dirty to assess damage when it reaches its destination.
  • Protect yourself and your classic car with a thorough, cataloged inspection. Document any nicks, scratches etc. Grab your phone and shoot:
  1. Full front bumper at a low angle
  2. Front bumper passenger side
  3. Front passenger-side quarter panel
  4. Front passenger door
  5. Rear passenger door
  6. Full passenger side view
  7. Passenger side rear quarter panel
  8. Passenger side rear bumper corner
  9. Rear bumper
  10. Driver side bumper corner
  11. Driver side rear quarter panel
  12. Rear driver side door
  13. Front driver side door
  14. Full driver side view
  15. Driver side front quarter panel
  16. Front driver side bumper corner
  17. Hood
  18. Roof

Also include any mechanical issues or better yet, have these issues resolved before shipping.

Being Prepared Matters

Next, we counsel all of our clients to “know before they go”. Your destination will have documentation, customs and duties to deal with. Take the time to learn about this so there are no surprises on arrival and be aware that each country will be different. Please take a few minutes to read our blog The Hidden Costs of International Shipping. We are happy to advise you, but ultimately we won’t be there with you on arrival so it’s important for you to be clear on what arrival costs and procedures you will deal with.

Know what’s involved before you head off on your adventure. Photo Credit to Markus Spiske

Now you’re ready to find the best shipping partner to meet your needs. There is  a team member at World Cargo waiting to have that conversation with you. Our commitment to all our clients is to exceed your expectations. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re at the beginning of your car restoration process or are ready to show off your “baby” on the roads, you want to work with someone that you can trust to transport your pride and joy safe and sound. That’s why many car enthusiasts choose us to ship their classic car. Your baby is our baby, too. 

Ready to ship? Contact us at 1-877-232-0204 with your questions, or complete our online quote form to get started!